Karin Brauns
The Heartbeats Of The Wild

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Colorful Heartbeats

Every Painting Tells A Story

Karin's seminal series Heartbeats Of The Wild depicts pairs of endangered animals that share a deep emotional connection. Heartbeats showcases the pureness of true fear, true love and true innocence through their vulnerable eyes.

My priority for every piece is to capture a specific moment of life in a colorful, balanced way so every creature presents itself as an ‘Anihuminal.’ Each being, whether it is a lion, elephant, or bird, has its own heartbeat, identity, and set of behaviors. However, all have qualities we can relate to—affection, love, pride, and soul. These many elements come together in my mind, and then on the canvas. My process of representing animals this way moves me deeply and I hope the viewers can feel what I do.
— Karin Brauns —